A Cold World

pexels-photo-60726.jpegIt is to the general consensus that our history relative to modern day is something not to be celebrated. Some of the most notable men in history are those notorious for heinous, volatile acts distinguishable only by their names. As children, we remain naked and bare, vulnerable and impressionable to the very judgements of our history. We are reminded of the irrevocable, contemptible lives of our ancestors, or the oppression of society centuries ago. The echoes of Hitler and Stalin, or Genghis Khan are imprinted into our young minds. We are reminded that conditions then were unbearable and that we are to be grateful for our delicate luxuries of today. We are taught that it is human nature that is ugly, and cowardly, and bitter. It is to these conditions that we graduate from childhood with the message that the world is cold, so it is in our best interest to become cold with it. That belief inevitably stems outwardly which creates the fertile conditions for the world to be ugly, and cowardly, and bitter. It is then impossible for history to not be condemned to repeating itself.

However, we need to remember that the seemingly frostbitten world is rooted in the transformable nature of belief. It is rooted in the shame inherent in our history and the examples of men centuries ago; not in truth.

To the opposing side of the spectrum, there has been a great many individuals in our history who have embodied what is to be celebrated. Due to life circumstance or abstract thinking, the individual, instead of submitting to the coldness in the world, respond to it. These figures, from Jesus to Ghandi, or Socrates to Einstein, respond to it in such a manner that they are to go into the exact direction of it. Meaning, rather than polarizing from their own suffering, they instead integrate with it. These extremely rare but most notable individuals submit to the coldness inherent in the world within the presence of their own consciousness. They have somehow found a way to mold the feelings present inside the negative to benefit them in a way where it is treated as intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. To the courageous few that do so, they become the enlightened thinkers of the world, the inventors, the poets and the artists, the spiritual leaders, and the prominent activists. 

In a plethora of perspectives, the world could be in fact, one coveted by negativity. It is one to be ashamed of, one to be feared. To say that it is easy to find yourself depressed by it is an understatement. The world is cold, so it may just be in your best interest to be cold with it. But it is also true that this is nothing more than perceivable facts birthed by the belief that humanity is unworthy. But to those who are courageous enough to believe the antithesis of that, do not become cold on the basis that the world is also, instead, light it on fire.





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