The Process of Integration


God by a certain classification, is understood as the collective consciousness of all things. Because of this, all things produced by this source is imbued with consciousness. This not only includes humans and animals, but plant matter and minerals as well.

The general focus of life is to alter the emotional frequencies of your desires. The heart is strong in that it can pulsate experiences in it of itself. With its own consciousness, it can create experiences for not just itself, but for the individual it resides in also. The mind is what attempts to control this process because it perceives the heart to be a threat. It is by design, envious of the heart because it acknowledges the heart’s frequency in regards to its much larger electromagnetic field in which the mind utilizes this observation to contrast itself. So it then consciously convinces itself that it is superior because it sees all separate entities in a vertical dynamic.


The heart is incapable of distinguishing the separateness of things as it observes in a horizontal dynamic, so there is a disharmony or gradual misunderstanding between the two consciousness fields. The soul is the intermediary. The body’s consciousness is also, although a simplified and temporary consciousness. That is why, as the soul and body are intermediaries, personalities of a life form, in this case a human being, can be dynamic. Human beings have the ability to cross between the consciousness field of the mind, with the consciousness of the heart. They may be compassionate seemingly, but just as much compassion they demonstrate, there is just as much deception and manipulation taking place, and vice versa.

The ultimate role of the soul, being the intermediary of the two is to firstly, validate both forms of consciousness. Secondly the soul is to temporarily embody both of the consciousness fields while having an objective point of view remain attached. By doing so, the individual soul can utilize the mind to discern between external objects or entities  and what makes the two consciousness fields different, while utilizing the heart to connect between external objects or entities and what makes the two consciousness fields similar, accordingly. This process will allow both consciousness fields to interact with each other and merge while still maintaining their separate identities.

The entire process will allow all divided consciousness fields, from the soul and body intermediaries, to the heart and mind consciousness fields to unify respectively in the given space they share. This is how a soul is to be “fitted” so to speak so that it is accessible to conjoin with the collective consciousness of all things.

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