The Awakening


The world, as it seems, is in much chaos. People are led astray from their connection with their hearts and the lives surrounding them. It is difficult to contemplate what would happen if people completely halted the listening of their own internal voices. It unnerves me that the majority of people are still unconscious of the fact.

But it is promised to call upon a new understanding unto this Earth. As expressed physically, human beings at the core, are such exquisite and beautiful souls. The only component it seems, is that we are involuntarily handicapped to realize this ourselves. The modalities in which we treat ourselves are nothing less than acts of self-hatred which is fueled by modern society.

It is that I ask from the quiet space of my heart to extinguish our fears relative to our uncertainty about spirituality. It is understandable, as exemplified by science, that humans need physical evidence through the senses to acquire logical understanding of the external world. But in order to embody the “spiritual role,” so to speak, we are to open our minds to the very idea of another sense within ourselves.

This sense I describe, is more of a feeling signature more so than it is any sort of physical sensation or cognitive understanding. It is the byproduct of being conscious in the present moment. It is the skill of allowing yourself to unidentify with the mind and to ego itself to the degree that certain energy centers within the body are to, in theory, blossom towards dimensions external to this one (which in truth, are internal to this one).

Practicing techniques to graciously surrender to the flow of the processes described is crucial in one’s physical life, especially at this point in humanity’s progression. We are to practice the sacred art of meditation.

The practice of meditation also, is not confined to the cognitive reprimands we bestow to it in our western, mainstream, cultural opinions. Although extremely popular and normally an extreme benefit, it is most definitely not a necessity of the practice to sit criss-crossed in a relaxed state repeating mantras in the fashion of a monk. This is simply a misunderstanding. Meditation for example, can be expressed by taking a stroll through the forest, or vigorously participating in exercise, or any activity imaginable that may voluntarily cause your being’s consciousness to focus into the present moment. And since the act of meditation is to allow one’s consciousness to be in a state of allowance, the activities should be in harmony with that very philosophy for optimal benefit when doing so.

In an energetic sense, if the majority of the population were to follow this practice in a way that is suited to their own individual expression, the network of humanity’s consciousness would be activated. And because of this linkage, the entire sum of our species on an individual level will find access to this sense as well.

People would no longer be imprisoned by the confines of their logic because they will feel the connection between all vibratory fields. The desire for cognitive understanding would be anguished by our newfound understanding. Our imagination would be unreachable to the judgements of the mind and as a result, we would not only feel true liberation, but manifestations would appear on a monumental level. Coupled with the skill of desire (which is humanity’s greatest asset), the human race would be unmatched by any known entity in the universe by manner of our own resiliency.

And so I ask of whoever is reading, to discover what calls you. More specifically, to what meditative activity that will enable you to express yourself. Now could not be a more crucial time period to do so. For at this moment, there is no greater risk than not taking a risk at all. The urgency I beckon cannot be expressed fully. Follow your heart, allow your attachments to be burnt away by the past in the favor of your heartfelt desires. This, this is your responsibility. Not just on an individual level, but for the human race. Our evolution is dependent upon how in touch we are with our heart space. Now is the time to connect.

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