The Purpose of Duality


It is too often we humans underestimate our lives here on Earth. By design, we are forgetful of our true nature. We forget our point of originality and ignore our senses in intuition and feeling. And as a result, we suffer.

Many of the greatest teachers that were once demonstrated to humanity offered our species a new state of consciousness. This consciousness can be described as the “Christ” energy, enlightenment, etc. The energy was to exemplify our potential. It not only transcended positive and negative energies, but embraced them.

In the framework of our concept of linear time, it was in the beginning wherein all things originated. It was a space characterized by oneness. Fear and ignorance were foreign. It was in this space when consciousness had it’s first thought. A desire to know itself. And so in order for consciousness to conceptualize itself, it would need a new energy; an energy that opposes its original consistency of love and union. This new energy was nothing more than the lack of consciousness, the basis of fear and ignorance.

To note furthermore, it is often conceptualized in our minds to separate these opposing energies and categorize them as “good” and “bad.” From an objective point of reference, this is in fact, false. For consciousness, or God, loved the energies of “bad,” because it had allowed it to expand and create more of itself that initially, it could not.

And so “the fall from grace” had occurred (if this were a true statement). Streams of consciousness from the original source, focused themselves through alternate dimensions and unto this one: the third dimension. These source streams of consciousness, otherwise labeled as “souls,” embodied physical form. They had entirely immersed themselves in fear and ignorance to the degree they were forgetful of their true nature. By doing so, we have since created yet another energy: the energy that had created the holy trinity which is described as the “Christ” energy, or the energy of enlightenment. Our collective intention since then has been to embody this energy. For it will be God incarnated.

To embody this energy, we are not to form dark into light, negative into positive, or “bad” into “good.” We are to instead merge these two energies by both discerning and feeling that they are of one of the same. We are not to polarize to either the perpetrator or the victim, but to what underlies them both. It is through releasing trauma and integration, that we may be able to embody our authentic expression. To embody God incarnated.



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