The God Complex


In this modern day and age, when it comes to existential philosophy, two universal models seem to triumph over all understanding elsewhere. As children, we are proposed these two models by the outside world. One being the ceramic model of the universe in that it depicts a being in the sky controlling life like chess which is urged by the Christian and Islamic religions, to name a few. The other, unlike a given faith, is defined by the guidelines of science and physical tools in which to experiment modern theories. But it is that I propose to be neither.

In a physical human body, there are four necessitative responses. One is that of physical sensations, including sight, touch, taste, etc. The other two, include thought patterns and the emotional responses to those thoughts. The final proponent, is the aspect of ourselves that is aware of those given proponents of our being. It is consciousness. Therefore, God, in its true essence, can simply be defined as pure consciousness.

It is a misunderstanding to refer to God as a “being of light,” or of any significant idol or of any given representation of a thing. God is not a being, but instead, an energy; an energy that which can be felt and registered into the body as “love” and that which is characterized by science as consciousness.

And so in the story of creation, God being pure consciousness, sought to expand itself. Because by doing so, it would self-actualize. In other words, in order to know yourself, you are to be separated from the sum of yourself. You cannot understand the concept of “black” without standing in a space of “white.”

So consequently, energy took the form of atoms, planets, star systems, until eventually it had surpassed the evolution of earth and unto us, human beings. This energy, that has lasted billions and billions of years, now resides in our energetic blueprint. It is who we are.

It is time now, in the modern era to not only remember this about our history, but to forge the path of divinity within ourselves. It is time we consciously realize that our humanity is nothing less than our divinity. We are to be conscious of our boundless connection to the world and to each other. We are to be conscious of our connection with  God. As we are in essence, indivisible from it.



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